​​​Tennis tournament finder

National Tournaments:
L4 tournaments determine sectional rankings. The winners of these tournaments advance on to the Level 3 Tournaments
L3 tournaments are offered 6 times a year in each division with 192 spots open in each tournament.  

The winners of these qualify to play in the L2 tournaments.
L2 tournaments are used to determine the top qualifiers for the USTA National Championship
L1 tournaments are the USTA National Championship tournaments. To participate, players must meet certain ranking requirements.

Tournaments for 12 and Up:  
L3 Tournaments are entry level and for players with no tournament experience.
L2 Tournaments are meant for intermediate players with a little bit of tournament experience
L1B and L1 tournaments are meant for more advanced players who have had a lot of tournament experience.



For 12& Under Juniors:
For Children under 6, the red ball tournaments are recommended.
Then when the child turns 7, orange ball tournaments are recommended.
If the child is successfully progressing through these levels, then they are able to move on to the 12U green ball tournaments
After the child turns 12, they are able to participate in regular tennis ball tournaments.

Tournament Access